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    My son is 5 weeks and I am ready to call it quits on breastfeeding. When my son was born I was ready to breastfeed and had breastfed my middle son without any promblems. This time I had thrush, death in the family and upset because I have not being able to care for my other sons. We started out breastfeeding without any difficulty until I developed thrush. I try to get him to latch on at each feeding and sometimes he will latch on and ther times he will simply reject the breast. I have tried, SNS, fingerfeeding, using a droppler and nothing works. He prefers the bottle. After he bottlefeeds, I doublepump using a lactina medela pump. I have seen lactation consultants and talked with several lactation nurses on the phone. Does anyone have any suggesstions? I will like to exclusively breastfeed my son.

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    (((HUGS))) to you...it sounds like you have gone through a lot in your son's short life. Hang in there, mama...your baby is still little, and there is still time for him to learn to breastfeed.

    The first suggestion I would have for you is to do everything that you can to relax and enjoy your baby. Get as much help as you can with meals, housework, and care for your other children. Giving baby lots of skin to skin contact can be helpful in encouraging him to breastfeed. I would also encourage you to try carrying him in a sling or other soft carrier that is easy to nurse in. Bringing baby to bed with you and nursing when baby is sleepy/sleeping can also be very helpful.

    You will also want to continue to pump frequently to keep your supply up. Do you have a local LLL leader? I would definitely recommend contacting a local leader if the LC's you have been in contact with have not been helpful to you.

    Let me know if there's anything more I can do to help.

    Take Care,


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    Don't give up. I did when my baby was 5.5 mos because he was refusing me and prefered the bottle. I hope to do better with the next babe. Best wishes to you and your baby.


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