hi, my son is 4 months old and i quit breastfeeding him at 2.5 wks bc we was having latch on problems and i was burned out from trying so hard...i also have a 4 yr old to run around after..but after feeling so much regret and heartache for stopping ive been reading into attachment parenting and relactation and i feel that now that he is a bit older he might actually try to nurse. now i got how to start up again but i would like to see a dr. for consultation and i was wondering if it was my ob i should go to or my other dr? also i was reading in another post about fenugreek for tea but what about the capsules? i bought the pill form of it when my milk was waning and i ended up quitting after a few days but i have a whole bottle left over and was wonder if they were as good as the tea?

alright...thats all i have for now my son is trying to type along with me