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Thread: help lost milk on one side

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    Default help lost milk on one side

    since my ds was about 3 months old he has refused to eat on one side i kept up w/ pumping that side for a while but now my milk on that side it completely gone however my son is completely satisfied w/ the other side and the amount of milk he is getting but its driving me crazy being so lopsided any help on how to get my milk back on the other side ? and if so how long will it take to get it back if i can at all?

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    Default Re: help lost milk on one side

    I also have this problem! have a 2 week old who also favors the left side while the right has gone dry. Last week it was the other way around, where the right side was the more productive one, and the left one plagued by mastitis. I echo Andrea's questions!

    Thanks so much!

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