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Thread: my pump is dying

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    Default my pump is dying

    So i have had this IQ duo pump for over 3 years with virtually no problems and I have responded really well to the pump.

    I used it with my daughter for about 15 months (got pregnant and supply swindled, but she is still nursing).

    Then I have been using it after my son was born for the past 16 months.

    The last couple of months I have thought it sounded "tired" but I was still pumping what he drinks at day care, so wasn't worried. Plus, he is past a year and loves to eat solids. I was considering weaning myself from the pump in the next couple of months.

    But now my pump has some sort of short and i have to hold the chord just so... and it is very annoying.

    So what do you think? Should i just buy a new pump? Should I buy the same pump since I have responded so well to it? Should I just go ahead and pump wean now?

    (we want another baby so I am not overly worried about not using the pump in the future)

    I guess I should be happy I got 30 months use out of the pump, but why can't they just build pumps better in the first place??? If you spend over $200 on something it should last!! When will companies start making better quality pumps!!!!

    Any opinions?

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    Default Re: my pump is dying

    Momma, I would buy a new pump...If you like the IQ, stick with it...
    I made the same decision and knew I wanted another baby so, I would buy another too - it will get it's use....Good luck!

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