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Thread: help with breast refusal

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    Question help with breast refusal

    My six week old has never nursed much. I didn't get her on my breast in the first hour after she was born due to being distracted by dealing with excessive bleeding and pain from getting stitched up and then catheterized (without any drugs--ouch!). A couple of hours after she was born i then passed out several times due maybe to fluid loss, so no BF then--about six hours after she was born, various nurses came by to try to help me get her latched on, but we were not successful. Julia would just scream or close her eyes. I am pretty sure part of it was due to poor positioning--I had BAD carpal tunnel in both hands during late pregnancy and up until about a week ago, so it was hard to hold her in the "right way".

    We were discharged 18 hours after birth, but not before I was told that I had to give her 2 ounces of formula before they would let her leave since they thought I wasn't producing enough colostrum, the baby had not latched on, and the city was in the middle of a huge heat wave and they were concerned about dehydration. I am kicking myself for not insisting on seeing a lactation consultant at that point and also for not insisting on being allowed to just try to hand express some colostrum to give to her--since I was producing some and I that night at home got some out to finger feed to her.

    Anyway, since then, things have not improved. She will sometimes nurse--first with a nipple sheild and in the past two weeks she has started to nurse without it-- but the times she is willing to nurse are few and far between--she often goes an entire two days refusing to get on the breast for more than a couple of seconds--then she will scream or close her eyes and clamp her mouth shut tight. I have tried nursing her when she has had a little formula, so she isn't famished, that sometimes works. I have also tried expressing some milk and putting it on her lips to get her interested, but if it is one of those days, nothing works. we have tried the SNS and that doesn't work, either, she won't nurse at all when i have tried to use it.

    now i just offer her the breast at every meal,but since hse doesn't take it, I end up pumping and giving her EBM in a bottle, but most of her nutrition comes from formula--i hate that, but my supply is not very good b/c I can't get her to nurse much. Does anyone have any suggestions for helping her not hate breastfeeding. It really seems that she associates it with frustration--i think due to the way things were the first few days, with her being shoved on the breast, screaming, by nurses and LC's.

    Sorry for such a long post. I am worried it's too late to make any progress with her breastfeeding and my supply now that she is going on 7 weeks old.

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    Default Re: help with breast refusal

    do you have a local lll leader? Call her she can help.

    heres a link that might help

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