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Thread: Very Weird!!

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    Well, I think my DS has finally self weaned. It is such a weird feeling to not BF anymore since it was such a part of my and DS's life and now it is over. It just feels so strange and makes me sad. I wanted to BF him at least until 18 months but that was before the "surprise" baby came into existence!! I know in about a month or so I'll have another baby to BF but I'm sad I won't have that relationship with DS anymore.
    Collin born 4/27/08 by C-Section- BF for 15 months

    Conner born 8/28/09 by VBAC- BF for 2 years and hopefully will wean soon!!

    Also with & due 11/23/11

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    DD2 born 14 January 2010

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