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Thread: 11 month old eating/feeding enough?

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    Default 11 month old eating/feeding enough?

    DD just turned 11 months today, and has been BF-ing since birth. We started her on solids at 6 months, and she now eats 3 meals a day.

    I went back to work a few months ago and noticed that she started reverse cycling. She'll feed once from a bottle during the day (sometimes not at all, she just eats solids and drinks water) but then she'll feed 3-4 times when I'm back from work and through the night (still not sleeping through the night, btw, but we co-sleep so i don't mind so much)

    My worry is whether she's getting enough nutrition if she's just feeding at night. She hasn't been gaining much weight but she started walking at 10 months (more like running!) so she's extremely active. I wonder if that's the reason why she hasn't been gaining that much, or if it's because she's not feeding enough? Oh, wet and poopy diaper output is fine, btw.

    Am I just being overly worried?

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    Default Re: 11 month old eating/feeding enough?

    So she's nursing at least 3-4 times during a 24-hour period, right? If so, that should be fine, especially if wet and poopy diaper output is good.

    Don't worry about the lack of weight gain- once babies are up and running it is totally normal for it to slow waaaay down.

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    Default Re: 11 month old eating/feeding enough?

    My baby will also be turning 11 months in a week. She has only had breast milk since birth. She started solids when she was 4 months old. Now she's eating 3 times a day, with a morning feed, late afternoon feed (usually expressed breast milk from a bottle) and bedtime feed.

    Starting 2 weeks ago, she refused her bottle. I've tried experimenting on different bottles, which she took twice. Thereafter, I could not fool her anymore. We also tried putting the milk in a cup and glass, but once she realizes that it is milk, she would turn her head and reject the cup.

    Now she would only take milk from my breast directly. And would not take expressed breast milk any other way.

    Please help!!!

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    Default Re: 11 month old eating/feeding enough?

    I am having some of the same problems, which is in part why I am now transitioning to sippy cups and just skipping hte bottle. He would not take the bottle, although he used to at daycare twice a day. He began to drink maybe two ounces at a time. Now he gets milk in his sippy. He is drinking about the same amount. I wanted to wean completely at a year, but I am getting kind of nervous about the amount of milk he is drinking and if he will eventually just take the cup.

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    Default Re: 11 month old eating/feeding enough?

    I am not sure if this is in the right thread, but hopefully there is some insight out there!

    My DD is 11 months old. She still breastfeeds about 6x's a day with 3 light meals throughout. Dry cheerios for breakfast, (with fruit on a good day!), some protien for lunch, and some protien/veggie for dinner. She also gets some water (sometimes mixed with pear juice.) I am a SAHM.

    Here are my questions:
    A) Am I breastfeeding her too often?
    B) Should I slowly start to wean and offer more solids instead of breastmilk? After reading those last few posts about the WHO and complimentary foods, I worry that she may not be getting what she needs from me anymore

    At last check, she was 25 lbs. about a month ago.

    Any input is greatly appreciated!


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