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Thread: How Long Can Thawed Milk Be Used

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    I've read that I need to use thawed breastmilk within 24 hours - is that the hard fast rule? I am going away for a long day and having to use frozen milk for the first time. As long as it takes to get it, I hate to thaw too much, but I also don't want to leave hubby in a lurch. I plan on thawing out overnight in the fridge... What do you guys do???

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    I always used it within 24 hours. Instead of thawing it in the fridge, I would thaw it in a cup of warm water in the morning before I left (I used a cup instead of a bowl because the bag stayed upright). If you have to leave super-early, then thaw / prepare the night before.

    I would only thaw as much as you know you will need, and leave a bottle or two of fresh to be the emergency backup supply (unless your DH can handle thawing bm - it took mine a little while to be comfortable thawing and pouring it). Label the fresh and put it at the BACK of the fridge so that it gets used last!!
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    My DH found it faster to thaw and warm a frozen bag of milk in warm water and pour it than to warm a prepared bottle. I just leave the empty bottle ready to go on the counter for him and he is good with it. He actually asked me not to put the milk in the bottle.

    I know what you mean about too much milk thawing!
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