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Thread: How much is your one year old eating?

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    Default How much is your one year old eating?

    I'm kind of worried about how much C is eating. He turned one on the 16th and he still nurses between six and eight times a day. I don't have a problem with this at all, but I know that he needs to start getting more of his nourishment through solids. Before his birthday, he would eat anything and everything that you would put in front of him. Now he barely picks at what you offer him. It's not like he is being picky, it seems like he simply just doesn't have much of an appetite these days. He is working on getting another tooth in right now, so I know that his appetite might be a bit off due to that.

    I'm just curious to see how much everyone else's one year old is eating. My doctor gave me a pamphlet at his one year checkup and what they have listed seems like a TON of food. I take everything they say with a grain of salt and the pamphlet seemed to be a bit out of date, so I thought I would come here for some more insight. I'll go downstairs and get the pamphlet and list what it says to see what you mamas think.

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    Default Re: How much is your one year old eating?

    Okay, the pamphlet recommends as follows...

    4 nursing sessions or 16 ounces of milk total
    3 servings of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, or peas
    2 servings of fruit
    3 servings of vegetables
    6 servings of grains

    C doesn't even come close to eating this much...

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    Default Re: How much is your one year old eating?

    take it with a grain of salt mama.

    This is from kellymom

    How much should my toddler be eating?

    Between ages one and five, a child's growth is in a decelerated stage; that is, they have slowed down in growth. Since growth slows down, their need for calories subsequently decreases, which in turn leads to a smaller quantity of food ingested per day. Added to the decelerated growth is a burgeoning independence which limits the variety of foods your child is willing to eat ("finicky eater"). Rest assured that toddlers do not need as much food as you might expect because of this slowing down of the growth rate. Three small meals and two snacks a day (and some will eat a good bit less) will probably be enough to fuel even the most active toddler. Please realize, too, that finicky eaters are the rule rather than the exception.

    Some toddlers are eating very few solids, or even no solids, at 12 months. This is not unusual and really depends on your child - there is quite a big variation. We like to see breastmilk making up the majority (around 75%) of baby's diet at 12 months. Some babies will be taking more solids by 12 months, but others will still be exclusively or almost-exclusively breastfed at this point. It is normal for baby to keep breastmilk as the primary part of his diet up until 18 months or even longer. An example of a nice gradual increase in solids would be 25% solids at 12 months, 50% solids at 18 months, and 80% solids at 24 months.

    Some children take a little longer to begin taking solids well. Some of them have food sensitivities and this may be their body's way of protecting them until their digestive system can handle more. Others are late teethers or have a lot of difficulty with teething pain. At this point there is NOTHING that your milk lacks that your child needs, with the possible exception of enough iron. As long as his iron levels are within acceptable levels and when he does eat you are offering him foods naturally rich in iron, then you have plenty of time before you need to worry about the amount of solids he's getting.

    All you need to do is to continue to offer foods. Don't worry if he's not interested or takes very small amounts. Your only true responsibility is what you offer, when you offer it and how you offer it, not whether or not he eats it. That has to be up to him. Trying to force, coax, or cajole your child into eating is never recommended. Continue to nurse on demand, day and night, and trust your child to increase the solids when he's ready. As baby slowly moves into eating more solids, your milk will fill any nutritional gaps nicely.
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    Default Re: How much is your one year old eating?

    DS (getting close to 15mo) gets approx:

    6-8 bottles (no milk left but we need formula because he eats so little)
    1-2 servings of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, or peas
    1-2 servings of fruit
    1-2 servings of vegetables
    2-3 servings of grains

    but it depends on what you mean by a serving?

    and DS is the most active child I have ever met (and doesn't sleep that much)
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    Default Re: How much is your one year old eating?

    Joey nurses about 4x in a 24hr period.

    So today was...

    wake at 5am and nurse and go right back to bed. Wake at 7am. I offered to nurse but she wasn't interested.

    At 830am at the doctor's office she ate 1 large banana and drank about 2ozs of whole milk.

    At 1030am she ate 2 slices of cheese and drank about 2ozs of water.

    At 1145 am she ate 6ozs of lasagna, a handful of blueberries, and she nursed.

    At 1pm she nursed again and went to bed until 4pm. At 4pm I offered but she didn't want to nurse.

    At 5pm she ate a handful of cheerios and drank another 1oz of whole milk.

    At 6pm she nursed.

    At 645pm she ate 1 slice of cheese pizza...cut into small cubes. She also ate another 10 blueberries (her FAVE!!)

    At 745pm she nursed again and then drank 3ozs of whole milk from the sippy.

    She is in bed now and will probably wake at least 1x tonight due to her new teeth making their appearance

    Oh, and she turned 1 yesterday. That's what a typical day looks like for us.
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    Default Re: How much is your one year old eating?

    Roxie doesn't eat that much either...she's teething and has been sick for a couple of weeks too.

    The Dr.Sears site says that a serving is a tablespoon of food for each year, so a serving for a one year old is a tablespoon. That puts it into perspective for me.

    I woudn't stress mama. The last thing you want is stress around food. You can't force him to eat. It's just your job to offer lots of tasty and nutritious options.

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    Default Re: How much is your one year old eating?

    I have also read that a serving is a tablespoon per year so try to keep that in mind.
    Abby just turned one last week, she was down to nursing 4X/day but is now ramping up due to being sick and getting teeth. She also is not eating much, I got maybe 1 oz of blueberry milk in her this am and maybe 4 cheerios. (Blueberry milk is just whole milk blended with a bunch of blueberries, she will not drink expressed BM in any form or out of any cup). Normally she would eat most of a single serving of greek yogurt and some fruit.
    Just keep nursing and offering meals and snacks without pressure like pp said. Try not to stress mama!
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    Default Re: How much is your one year old eating?

    dr sears has some good info on his web site about feeding toddlers.
    If you write down and keep track for a few days I bet he's eating more then you think.

    TRy not to worry.

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