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    Hi ladies,
    I've been reading through your posts trying to come up w/ a solution but i thought i'd post w/out hijacking someone else's thread!

    My son is 22 months old and still nursing. I love nursing him, although he's so much more active in the daytime that the amount of times he nurses is down. It's partially b/c he's just busy and also b/c i am trying to gradually wean him b/c we're TTC and i don't think I can handle nursing him all night long and being pregnant (i had terrible morning sickness w/ him).

    Usually he nurses like this:
    -when he wakes up in the a.m.
    -when he goes down for a nap (and he's been refusing his nap lately!
    -when he wakes up from his nap
    -when he goes to sleep at night
    and then of course, all through the night.

    So approx. 4x during the day between 8am and 9pm...something like that.

    Sometimes if he's had a long day or is really tired or falls down and cries etc....i'll nurse him another time during the day, but his nursing pretty much has to do w/ napping/waking up and that is fine w/ me. I've been doing "don't offer / don't refuse" basically.....

    I am fine w/ nursing him during the day - in fact, i love it.

    We co-sleep and I am a WAHM - so i have my own business and have flexibility...but....

    My issue is this: I would love to continue nursing him during the day....for a few months or whatever..i don't have a timetable really. I am not trying to eliminate it completely unless i have to...

    But the night nursing is just killing me. I am so exhausted. And my days fly by, juggling doing activities w/ him and working.

    I read Dr. Jay Gordon's method and it sounds....hard. During the day I'll think, ok, i am going to try this. But now that he's refusing his nap, he's up for basically 12 hrs...and come nighttime, i nurse him to sleep, and several hours later when i join him in bed, i am exhausted. I can't even think about rubbing his back and saying later/no etc. or anything.

    He usually turns to me and says "more milk, more milk" or "mama, this side, no, this side" - he's so picky on the side he nurses on. I am torn. I love nursing him and love the connection and nursing him at night, but at the same time, i am just not getting any sleep and i'm tired and seem to wake up w/ a headache. All the time.

    I have to add that he had a molar coming in last month and he went from nursing maybe 3x a night to now....nursing maybe 5-6 times a night.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for night weaning? Do i just have to bite the bullet and do the Jay Gordon method? I know there is no easy solution...i am just tired and it's easier for me to roll over and nurse for a few minutes than not...but as a result, i am not getting any sleep!

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    Default Re: nightweaning

    Crap I just typed out a long response and it got eaten by the internet.

    To recap wihtout all the longwindedness I basically said that most of us have been there. I used the gordon method and it worked for me (on a longer timeframe than he gives). There might be another method out there that suits you better, but I don't think there is gonna be an easy method no matter how you do it. I spent about 2 months on the step where you nurse on waking, but unlatch before they are asleep. I used the trick of telling her I'd sing twinkle twinkle 3 times and no more milk. That seemed to work for her. Good luck!

    Once you start it's important to be consistent. That way they know that arguing, crying, whatever isn't going to change your mind.
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    Default Re: nightweaning

    We did the Dr Gordon method, and it was hard-ish for a few nights, but soooooo worth it. Actually, it was easier and took less time than I thought it would. I think we did it in less than a week.

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    Default Re: nightweaning

    I didn't use Jay Gordon. We stopped co-sleeping and night weaning took a natural path for us over about a month or so. Once he was used to sleeping in his own bed/room I sent Dh up there if he got up, and then he stopped getting up to nurse at night.

    WELL worth it imo.

    And now we're ready for #2 to co-sleep and the older one is set in his own bed.

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    Default Re: nightweaning

    thanks so much for your responses. I don't think that he's going to be sleeping in his own room/bed yet....prob. in the next 6 months or so...but I can see how that would help w/ nightweaning and it makes perfect sense.

    i'll have to reread the Gordon method and maybe it'll take us a week...or a few months. but hopefully we'll do it gradually and I will try to stay consistent! thanks for your support!

    WAHM and exclusively breastfeeding my naturally born son since 9/25/07.

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