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Thread: Brief Periods of Frantic Crying

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    Default Brief Periods of Frantic Crying

    I have a 3 week old and I am trying to breastfeed exclusively. At first dd wasn't gaining weight but as of her last appt with the dr, she had started gaining weight. However for the last couple of nights at about the same time each night she has spurts of frantic crying and the ONLY way to get her to calm down even for a moment is to let her nurse but she seems to get frustrated when there isn't enough milk after awhile. So one night I tried a little formula which she gulped down but was still frantic during and after that. The rest of the day and night she is totally content. It seems to happen usually from about 12:30am to 2:30am. I am really not sure at this point. She sometimes is so frantic that she has trouble latching on and she doesn't struggle with that otherwise at all.

    Does this sound like colic, or is it something else??? Am I doing something wrong??? Is she just over tired???

    Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks

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    Default Re: Brief Periods of Frantic Crying

    Is she arching her back while screaming? It sounds like acid reflux to me, which is commonly misdiagnosed as colic.

    3 weeks is also prime time for a growth spurt.

    I know it's hard when your little one cries like that and you can't seem to help them. I would just continue to let her nurse whenever she wants and let it work itself out. If it doesn't, then you'll know that it's more than a growth spurt, kwim?

    Good luck!

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    It's so hard to tell what's going on in the early months. Most newborns have a time when they are "collicy." I wouldn't try the formula again. Giving that too much could mess with your supply. My daughter used to cry from 7-9, and wouldn't latch on or pull off crying, but that only lasts a short time. Let your dd nurse and when that doesn't help try walking, maybe with her in a front carrier, rocking, or lay her over your legs, belly down and gently sway your legs. Sometimes babies just cry. It really is there way of blocking things out, even when it seems there is nothing to block out. It's rough when you aren't getting any sleep and still not completely healed from delivery, but it will get better soon. Keep nursing as much and as often as you can and nap with baby. Try working on the side lying position. That can be a good time to rest for both of you. Best Wishes!

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    Is she gassy at that time? Our DS got very gassy in the evening which aggravated his "colic" in the early months. His belly would get very hard and you could tell he was in pain. Just an idea.

    I also agree with the PPs suggestions that it could be behavior associated with the 3wk growth spurt or reflux.

    It's so hard to read your baby in the beginning. Especially if you're a freaked out first-time-mom (like me ). It's all trial and error. If it's a growth spurt, things should settle down in a few days. If it's reflux she will probably steadily get worse. Looking back, our DS was showing signs of reflux at only a couple weeks old. He was diagnosed with colic at first but then a new ped. suggested reflux and put him on medication. Within a couple weeks DS was a brand new baby.

    Here's a good link for some reasons why babies might be fussy while nursing:


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