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    Unhappy breast bigger than the other


    I'am a first time mother of a 4 months old baby girl that needs help on a certain problem concerning the size of my breast. The problem is that the right breast is distinctively bigger and producing more milk than the left breast. How do I overcome this and do you think that the difference in size of the breast will be obvious even when i stopped breastfeeding in the future?

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    Congratulations on your little girl! And welcome to the forum!

    A lot of nursing mothers have uneven breasts. Your dd is probably favoring your right breast (more demand, more supply). Try and feed her first on the left side to stimulate it and increase demand (so as to increase the supply on that side).

    As for the difference in size after breastfeeding…I can’t answer that, as I’m also a first time mother…who is still breastfeeding (and my right side is also bigger than the left).

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    Hi there!
    Most women notice that one breast produces more than the other one. Sometimes you can make production on both sides closer to equal (though never exactly equal) by nursing more on the lesser producing side. Sometimes it's due to simple anatomy and that's just the way the breasts are! It's difficult to say how the breasts will look after you wean. Some women find that the changes that occurred stay, while others find that their breasts change again.

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