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    ok, i'm not sure i'm going to use the right terminology, but here goes...

    I've got a rented symphony and the little white membrane in one of the pump heads is thumping (I can see it move with every pump). Just to be clear, the is the membrane in the bottle attached to the breast, not the connection from the bottles to the pump. Now I just replaced both of the little things because of the thumping and so these membranes are new and it keeps happening.

    any ideas? The suction isn't turned up crazy high or anything.

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    Sounds normal. As the pump suctions the little white membranes will move open and closed.

    Does there seem to be a problem with the suction? If not, I would worry about it.

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    Mine do that too. They always open and close because that's how it works, but every once in a while they make a thumping sound and I can kind of feel it. I haven't noticed a decrease in pumping output from it.

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