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Thread: Real food instead of purees....

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    Question Real food instead of purees....

    Ok my little girl is 6 1/2 months old and i stared solids at 5 1/2 months. she never really liked eating the purees. i have tried some puffs, cheese, real peaches cut up really small, and real banana cut up. she would rather have the real food. She is still nursing great around 5-6 times a day and i nurse her before she eats table food. so my ? is: is it ok if we skip over the baby purees and just go straite to table food?. (obviously not feeding her strawberrys, honey, eggs, shrimp...stuff she cant have until 1.) She seems kinda young to be having table foods, but she loves it and seems happier now. ???

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    Default Re: Real food instead of purees....

    No problem at all going directly to "real" foods .... lots of mamas here have done it!

    Look for posts called "baby led solids" or "baby led weaning" (in England starting solids is called "weaning").

    Guidelines document here that many people follow.
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    Default Re: Real food instead of purees....

    Absolutely no need to start with purees.

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    Default Re: Real food instead of purees....

    DS has never had purees. He's 2.5 now but we never gave him any pureed foods period. Instead of baby cereal he had regular oatmeal. We started off with watermelon because that's what we had at the time, then moved onto avocado, bananas, etc. We usually went by the "french fry" size/shaped items that he could hold. Watermelon we did give to him in a mesh feeder simply because he wouldn't stop when it came to that...heck he still doesn't

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    Default Re: Real food instead of purees....

    We never did purees either!
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    Default Re: Real food instead of purees....

    BLS here as well. Our first foods were pieces of baked or steamed sweat potato and banana. Avocado is a great first food as well because it is packed with oils and nutrients.

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    Default Re: Real food instead of purees....

    We never did purees either. DS actually started eating off of our plates pretty early on, which was great because he learned to eat a lot of foods and textures (although I had to cool it on the hot peppers). BLS are a wonderful way to go, and the norm in many societies.
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    Default Re: Real food instead of purees....

    With ML, we went the puree route. She seemed to like them and it worked for us most of the time. When CI was ready to eat solids, I decided to go the babyled way & only gave him real food. It was so nice to not have to puree everything or make sure to buy a jar of (organic) baby food when we were going out to eat, he just had what we did. Far easier & more fun!!
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    Default Re: Real food instead of purees....

    My dd also mostly has table food. I do puree her sweet potatoes because she only likes them with a smooth texture. We just waited until around 9 months and the dr said she could eat anything we at except for nuts and shellfish. She wasn't really interested in solids before she could feed herself because she wanted to do it herself.
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    Default Re: Real food instead of purees....

    BLS are great! I have tried to ask WIC about them before and my Ped. But they dont reallyknow much, but baby led solids could possibly include pureed foods if your baby likes something that is pureed. We kinda do both. My son loves to chew on steamed carrots and bananas, apples and green beans, but also, sometimes as a treat, (its kindof like ice cream or something!) We do make our own baby food becuase sometimes he likes to be fed too it depends on his mood, he loves carrots and apples pureed together and put in the fridge til they are cold. ALso remember that it isnt really necessary that your baby eat solid foods so if she just likes to pick off your plate sometimes, she is still getting all of her nutrients from breast milk solids are pretty much for fun right now anyway.
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