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Thread: pumps are messing up.

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    Default pumps are messing up.

    I'm having issues.

    My manual playtex pump doesn't work for me and hasn't since i used my electric pump. Something about it doesn't work for my boobs (using both)..My electric, on of the horns i guess, has a crack in it and i'm having to replace the parts after a few uses for some reason..

    So, i'm down to expressing, but idk if i'm doing it right or not. but i end up hurting by the time i'm done. I need to build up my supply again in the freezer, since i'm down to almost nothing. I really want to keep up my supply and pumping was helping..

    any help/advice would be absolutely wonderful!

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    Default Re: pumps are messing up.

    I don't have any advice. I've never been able to hand express my milk.
    But I can tell you since I've used an electric pump mostly 100% of the time, the few times I try to use my hand/manual pump I've been unable to get a single drop out.

    What kind of electric do you have?
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    Default Re: pumps are messing up.

    I have a Lanisoh Double Electric BP.

    I got 9 oz one time, since then i've only got like .5 oz. and one side doens't work bc of the cracked horn. I just noticed it and i think its been there from the beginning and i never noticed..

    TY for your response..

    well, i'm getting up to 3.5 oz every time i express, so that's good right??

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