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Thread: is it reflux?to use zantac?

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    Default is it reflux?to use zantac?

    hwo do we know that it is just not normla spitting but reflux, added with child crying intensely
    anyone experience with using zantac? (i read teh faq on reflux by La Leche League)

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    Default Re: is it reflux?to use zantac?

    that was a question that we had also? how old is your baby? Any history of allergies? We did end up using it BC ds would cry and cry, cough a lot and then cry, had food allergies galore. We tried it for a while and he seemed better, occasionally we would try to take him off, he would cry and cry again so we would put him back on. Finally after about 4 months I took him off and he did fine. Beware it tastes terrible! Give it to dc a wee bit at a time, after so long my ds actually liked it, and you know someone did tell me that they made it in a better tasting flavor, than the original, but we had already gotten used to the other. If he has reflux it can cause some damage and he really does need the med, the problem is that the only way to know for sure is to put a scope down there throat???!?? I did not want to put ds through that so we went through the above motions, there could be worse things? Let me know.

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    Default Re: is it reflux?to use zantac?

    Have you taken the baby to the doctor to ask how to tell the difference?

    Here's a website about infant GERD that might help you.


    It's so hard to tell when they are sooo little! I really feel for you!


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    Smile Re: is it reflux?to use zantac?

    It's very hard to determine Reflux without an upper GI Xray, and that is REALLY horrible for infants, unless they are having breathing issues I wouldnt do it. Signs or reflux can be, grunting when laying down, REFUSAL to burp, crying when laid flat on back or even at an incline and spitting up fresh feed (although this doesnt have to happen, they can have *silent* reflux).

    My son was diagnosed at 3wks, and we are EBF. We started Reglan and Zantac and saw a bit improvement within a few days. The Reglan helps more than the Zantac although we are now at 9wks and cutting down, he's down to 1 or 2x a day from 3, and twice on the zantac. He's a much happier baby, although he still spits up he's not uncomfortable.

    I also bought the www.ambybaby.com which has helped, although my Fisher Price Motions Glider is just as effective and a quater of the price. Have a look for one of them, they are new, and excelent! Like a basinette, but really padded and comfy, and inclined at a really good angle. The motion is a huge plus also. HTH


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