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Thread: my 4 year old

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*nolamomma View Post
    I'm glad she didn't start back up and I would have had to deal with weaning at a time when she would have had memories of it.
    What would be wrong with that? Are you hoping Norah doesn't remember?

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    Good question, Shelly. I actually love that Em remembers. It makes me feel better actually.
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    I agree with PP. It can be wonderful when your little ones have fond memories of nursing. My two older children remember nursing. My son is almost 4 1/2 and he still loves nursing with his little sister. She is only 19 months (20 months this weekend) and I really hope she will nurse long enough to remember tandem nursing with her brother.

    Many little ones wean well before they have memory of nursing or weaning. I always find myself asking why is this so in the USA?

    I am glad you worked through the process with your son and he made his own choice about which milk he preferred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*coolcomom View Post
    i forgot my sign in info till now, thank u all for your feedback. He did end up asking to try some breast milk, he was demanding it. When i finally got around to pouring some in a cup for him he looked at it and said "ummm.. maybe i just want my rice milk" lol Now he has found a comfort in giving me and his little sister hugs and kisses while im breastfeeding.

    thank you all again for your help
    I'm so glad you worked through what sounded like a stressful period with your soon! Way to be patient, loving, and understanding through his strangely angry behavior. I hope things continue to go well!
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    I think offering it in a cup was a great compromise! And I hope both of mine remember nursing as well.

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    im really hoping to nurse my daughter for 2 yrs.that is my first goal. if i make it that far we will see where it goes from there. my hubby isnt too sure about me going past 2yrs, (he thinks it would be weird to see a toddler breastfeeding) i keep telling him mothers in starving countries breastfeed their kids for alot longer then that to avoid starvation! it is interesting that the usa is so weird on this subject.

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