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Thread: Painful and Frequent Letdown

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    Unhappy Painful and Frequent Letdown

    This is a really long post and I'm very sorry...but I really need some support here!! Please email me if you can help!)
    Three months in and I'm getting to the end of my tether! I am commited to BF Leo for as long as possible...six months at least.
    Here's the history (potted version!)
    Engorged on the 2nd day and told that Leo couldn't suck properly so after one day of aggressive head thrusting and poking I was told to pump. SO pumped I did. When I got home from hospital I was adamant I wanted to BF so tried those silicon nipple things (on recommendation from hospital!) which I now learn slows the flow down for baby but just blocks the breast up and increases mastitis risk. Surprise surprise...I got a severe case of mastitis and was in hospital at one month for 9 days. After the high fever I got a rotten case of herpes so was unable to handle or feed Leo (on hospitals say so) for 5 days. Pumped and dumped
    Finally came home and continued to BF but, naturally, very worried about repeat mastitis I was pumping at least once a day.
    I get let down very frequently (sometimes 2 - 3 times an hour) and 2 -3 times every feed and very painfully each time. I feel like my breasts are being punched constantly and pierced with knives at every letdown.
    I have now been BFing for 2 months with no props. Leo used to baulk and arch his back but has now got used to the speed and quantity, he spits up a lot but it doesn't seem to bother him. This is my problem. I find myself considering stopping altogther because it's making me grumpy, more tired than I would be anyway and just generally downhearted with it all.
    I pump occasionally, usually in the mornings, just to get rid of the pressure and discomfort. I find that if I had something containing MSG the pain is worse in the morning so I'm trying to avoid it as much as possible!
    DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS??? I WANT TO KEEP BFING BUT THIS PAIN IS GETTING RIDICULOUS. ARE THERE ANY DRUGS ANYONE KNOWS OF? ANY NATURAL REMEDIES (I tried peppermint tea which had some effect on the amount produced but nothing on the pain)? ANYTHING?!??!??!??!
    I'll try anything!

    To be honest, even to have some support and to know that others have gone through the same would help as well!!!!

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    Default Re: Painful and Frequent Letdown

    Wow! You have had a rough road--it's great that you are perservering and still BFing! I don't have any great insight to share with you (wish I did), but I have noticed that as my son had gotten older I have fewer letdowns when he is not feeding. I probably started to notice a difference around 3 months, and by 5 or 6 it was much better. I also have always had an abundant supply and those strong, painful letdowns--I know it's no fun. Hopefully someone else will be along soon with more than just encouragement.

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    Default Re: Painful and Frequent Letdown

    Thank you! It's just great to know that someone else has the same thing and that I'm not some BFing leper!! I live in Austria where I don't really speak the lingo and feel somewhat out on a limb. They insist that cheese curd is the answer to every breast problem!! I was even prescribed it twice a day in the hospitals!!!
    Did you have any particluar feeding strategy? I had been one side for 3 hours feeding frequently which seems to me is going to produce more milk. Now I one side each feed and keep feeds to about every 3 hours - after his naps if possible (EASY Baby Whisperer styleee). I admit to it feeling a bit better doing it this new way..maybe like you said it's around 3 months and because I had such a pooey start then it'll be around 4 months accounting for the 'hiccups' earlier!!
    Who knows...I really apreciate you posting as well...don't feel so alone!
    (ps...no deprepression here even though it may sound like it!!!!)

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    Default Re: Painful and Frequent Letdown

    It sounds a lot like Oversupply. Maybe you could ring a LLL Leader and see if it is. Here's a link about oversupply.

    Could it be thrush too? Sounds like you've had lots of antibiotics with your stay in hospital and mastitis.
    Ask a LLL Leader about Thrush too!

    I had severe oversupply and thrush

    Both cleared completely by 9 months without doing anything about it. BUT, I wish I had known I had those problems, because I would have asked for help MUCH sooner and not suffered for so long unnecessarily.



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    Default Re: Painful and Frequent Letdown

    I was thinking thursh also. Some "pain" is normal but you say it feals like knives thats not normal.
    Do you have a local leader you could call? heres the link to look that up...
    they do want to help moms!
    did you have cracked or bleeding nipples?

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