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Thread: 10 1/2 mo old - not much interest in solids or sippy cup

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    Default 10 1/2 mo old - not much interest in solids or sippy cup

    I'm new here. I have 2 daugthers - my 1st nursed til 17 mos (I was 4 mos pregnant). She was EBF until 6 mos with occasional formula if I was away for extended periods. She wasn't keen on solid food til well after 1 yr but regularly took small amounts purees at about 9 mos.
    My youngest is 10 1/2 mos. She has been EBF up to this point. I started offering some purees at 6 mos & she wasn't really into it so I would offer 1 or 2 x's a day until 9 mos at which point I started offering more like 3 x's a day. ( and don't tell the Dr what's going on - she thinks we're doing 3 meals a day) She went through a brief couple of day period last week when she actually ate the food at each offering. Now she's back to no go - but she's teething. Is that part of the problem?
    She also doesn't want to have anything to do with a sippy cup or bottle - not surprising since she's never had one. I'm starting to wonder when I will be able to be away from her for longer than 2 - 3 hours. I don't want to wean but want to maybe go away overnight - or at least for 8 hours or so. Should I focus on the solids? Should I try BM in a sippy cup everyday til she gives in? Help! I'm embarrassed to be having trouble with a second child. Also she will eat puffs & teething biscuits - but that drives me crazy since it doesn't offer any nutrition.
    Sorry for the long post.

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    Default Re: 10 1/2 mo old - not much interest in solids or sippy cup

    DD is 6 mo so she is much younger - but we starting the sippy now as she's refused a bottle the last 3 or 4 times she was offered.

    I give her the cup at every "meal" with just water in it. She's in a big "put it in my mouth" phase so I just helped her with the tipping. I also took the valves out because tipping and sucking is just too much for her to handle.

    When I'm away from her at dinner time two times a week she gets 3 oz of BM in a sippy cup. She is MUCH more interested in the BM than the water.

    And I've heard of people putting juice in the sippy BC their LO will work pretty hard to figure out how to get the juice out! DD doesn't drink juice yet but if your fine with giving it to your LO that might help get some interest in the sippy.

    Or just use a regular cup.
    I'm Melissa, DD (01/12/2009) weaned at a little over 2 1/2 years & DS (08/19/14) still going!

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