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    My little guy is just over 5 months old, so we're thinking about solids. I'm wondering about waiting until he's closer to 7 months (or more, even) before starting him on anything though because he's got allergies, and is gaining weight wonderfully on just breast milk. Plus, he seems satisfied on bm. So I'm not in a rush to do solids.
    But I seem to remember my doctor telling me when my older ds was this age, that they need some sort of iron supplement starting around 6 months (he recommended starting on iron fortified cereal), because they have stores from birth that last up to about 6 months.
    This doctor has said some other questionable stuff, so I'm not 100% confident that he really knows what he's talking about when it comes to babies (he's just a gp).
    Anyone know anything about this?
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    heres a little something form the web site

    irons in the middle of the link.

    Iron they can test with a simple finger prick.

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    oh and this link also from dr sears

    Babies store iron from their mother's blood while they are in the womb. Babies born prematurely need extra iron because they do not have enough time in the womb to develop sufficient iron stores.

    Term babies are born with a large reserve of iron, which should last at least six months. If baby does not receive any extra dietary iron, these iron stores get used up. This is why formula-fed babies should receive an iron-fortified formula, beginning at birth or at least within the first few months afterwards. Human milk contains relatively small amounts of iron, but it is very well absorbed. So breastfed babies rarely need iron supplements.

    Between six months and one year, baby's mother-provided iron stores may run out. For this reason, your doctor may check your infant's hemoglobin levels around the nine and twelve month checkup, especially if your doctor suspects anemia by baby's dietary history or if baby appears pale.

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