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    Question chocolate

    Does chocolate do anything to affect your breast milk?

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    I have heard that some babies can't tolerate Mom eating chocolate but I can tell you that my DS is growing up on chocolate milk I haven't noticed that is bothers him so I'm not going to refrain from indulging!

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    There is a rare baby who has a problem with it, but genearlly no. It does have some caffine, so if you eat a LOT (especally in addition to coffe/tea/caffinated soda etc), you might get a restless, wakeful baby!

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    Happy Mom, happy baby? I think so. I don't overindulge, but a little chocolate never caused my lo to react and it makes me feel like I am having a treat in the midst of everything else I have to do to meet others desires and demands.


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    i LOVE chocolate! i eat it in moderation because i notice my dd gets a bit fussy when i eat too much of it. do remember that chocolate is a source of caffeine. see the following link...

    you might also find the following link helpful.

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    I believe that when I have chocolate it makes my baby happy as well and I am determined that we become chocolate buddies of Anthony Thomas chocolate shops. okay I just sounded like I eat chocolate ALL DAY.
    I think I do have chocolate almost every day. They say dark chocolate is healthy for you!!!

    I watched a show about chocolate and they did research on women's brains when we eat it and it's like a natural happy stimulant it actually effects our brain, but it doesn't affect men's brain the in the same way.

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    mmmmm....I'm so glad.....I loooooove chocolate I probably eat it nearly every day too....but I do try to keep it to little tastes I think my milk is chocolate too!
    yum yum

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