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Thread: Stressed with low milk supply

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    Hi, I am a mom of a 12wk old girl, she was a great nurser from the beginning however I had to go back to work at 8 weeks and after the first week back she decided she did not not want to nurse any more. She would scream bloody murder when I tried to feed her so I started to just pump and actually she lets me nurse her the first feeding of the day in the early morning and that is it. Anyway, I had to start supplementing because I was not making enough for her bottles each day. I am pumping every 2-3hrs and getting between 1.5-2oz. Sometimes in the morning I can get 3 on rare occasions. The evening pumping is when I get less and I know that is normal but is there anything I can do to get her back to the nursing and/or increase my supply. I feel like every day I am pumping less and having to supplement more.

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    This is exactly what i am experienceing...i really hope someone can help us out...i am so at a loss and really do not want to go to formula only

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