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I do have a question about the original topic "WHO recommendations". I read through it, and they seem pretty adamant about starting solids right away when the baby turns 6 months old because then there is an "energy gap"?
At the last LLL meeting I was at, one of the leaders suggested that the studies have shown that the iron stores and iron absorption of BF babies drop at 6 mos of age, but maybe no one has considered that the iron needs also drop?? Just a thought. I'm not sure if there have been any studies done on this or not, but it sounded interesting to me.

Also, in response to your most recent post - I have also read that waiting too long to introduce solids can cause allergies. This worries me because we have been having allergy issues with my daughter (just now 6 mos old) and things that I have been eating. I've been on all kinds of crazy elimination diets trying to figure it out. We still haven't figured out what she is allergic to, but I don't want to make her even more allergy prone!