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Thread: Where Do I Buy Domperidone?

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    Default Where Do I Buy Domperidone?

    Please tell me where I can buy domperidone safely without a presciption. I know some of you gals buy it from Canada. Is it safe and does it work? I need it asap. How long do they take to ship and get it? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Where Do I Buy Domperidone?

    I use it and it works great for me. I tried all the herbs and extra pumping ect with no results but the domperidone worked great to bring up my supply to the point were very minor supplementation was needed.

    There is dosage instructions and links to places to buy it on www.breastfeedingonline.com

    I get mine from New Zealand via one of the links on that webpage, Global Drug.

    Takes about 2 weeks to get here.

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    Default Re: Where Do I Buy Domperidone?

    I have seen your posts before. You're nursing twins, right?

    There is lots of info out there about the use of domperidone. I would caution that in the U.S. it is a precription drug. If at all possible, it would be best to get a prescription from your doctor (though, I understand this is oftentimes difficult to obtain. ). Eventhough, domperidone is considered safe, I would URGE you to contact an IBCLC before using any drug to increase supply.

    You should know, too, that milk increasers only help IF you are also removing milk frequently. That is the real key to increasing supply!

    Here are two sources of info you might wish to read:

    And here is some info on increasing supply:

    Good luck to you!

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