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Thread: domperidone

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    this is also a hypothetical because I don't know if I'll need it once I get back to work Monday and begin pumping for DC, however, does anyone know if you can go on domperidone after you've been on reglan (was taking 10 mg 3xday for three weeks, but haven't been taking it for over three weeks or more now).

    Also, die your OB prescribe it for you? I've been to an LC, but they had me call my OB to call in the script for reglan. I'd like to avoid another round of reglan, regardless, because it made me SO sleepy and I won't be able to nap like I was once I'm back at work.

    Just thinking ahead, in case.

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    I'm back at work, so I'm still pumping about 5-6oz a day (total). I noticed a difference after about a week. I don't think the dom will be enough for me to get a full supply, because I'm thinking I have insufficient glandular tissue, but it's helping. My work pumping really affected my home pumping. The stress of going back to work caused me to not let down as readily, so my amts tanked.

    I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing for as long as I can. It's not the path I wished for, but it's a liveable situation, and John is thriving, which is most important.

    John seems to prefer the bottle at home (or the sns), so we switched to the breastflow bottle. he hates it because he has to actively work at eating. :-p

    My ob refused to prescribe anything for me (reglan or otherwise), so I got dom on my own.
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    smudgycat - what is your dose of domperidone? The starting dose is 30 mg three times a day. I believe the max dose is 40 mg four times a day.

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    Just a side note -- please don't post links in the public forums to online sources for domperidone.

    Thank you!
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