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    Good Evening all!

    I usually pump roughly 12oz a day during 3 breaks, which DD (a week short of 8 months) used to take up until 2 weeks ago.She's decreased her pumped BM intake to 5-7oz per day.She has been on solids for 6 weeks now - she has 3 meals,which was suggested by the pedi (6 wks ago).I guess the doc was concerned with her being petite (born @ 6lbs 14oz) and now weighs in at 13.9 lbs. Well DD obviously took to the solids great and now doesn't care much for the bottle.I nurse all nite long (7p-8a),with primarily 4 thorough nursing sessions and on demand in between.Actually,I've also noticed that she's too 'busy' or excited to nurse once I get home or it lasts for 5-10mins.We then immediately have dinner (both of us) and I try to nurse again afterwards but its at least an hour before she actually will settle down and drink.

    My question is: Do I need to be concerned with the drop in supply or am I safe since your body adjusts to what baby is drinking and since she nurses thru the nite?!? I'm so sad and confused....

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    How are her diapers? If she nurses all night long it sounds like she might be getting enough.
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    It sounds like your pumping output is matching her intake, so I wouldn't be too concerned. Especially since she's nursing frequently at night. If you want to encourage her to take more BM, you might have them offer it to her before she eats solids at day care and offer to nurse her before she eats solids at home.
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