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Thread: Relactating at SIXTEEN MONTHS?? impossible??back to breast impossible?

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    Default Re: Relactating at SIXTEEN MONTHS?? impossible??back to breast impossible?

    I think it is a great idea to relactate to provide milk for your child, whether it's given in a cup or not.

    I relactated (much earlier) and it took 3.5 weeks of pumping (15min maximum) 7-8 times a day, never skipping the nights, to get my supply fully up. This was after a 3.5 week period of not breastfeeding. The rule of thumb that was true for me is that it takes the same amount of time to fully relactate as the duration of your break from breastfeeding. (I think this is very subjective though.)

    I used domperidone at some point but it was already clear that the pumping was doing it's job at that point. I don't think any of the supply remedies were significant in my case.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Relactating at SIXTEEN MONTHS?? impossible??back to breast impossible?

    Some good news. and some (for me) bad news.

    I havent had ANY luck with relactating. and trust me its not for lack of trying. I feel like i have two extra appendages with this pump lol.


    DS saw the pedi and he said I have nothing to worry about. Hes perfect! He is definetly small, but he is following the 5% curve perfectly. He does want to see him in December, just to ensure he doesnt drop again, but he said likely he is just going to be a small guy. Even though he was born at almost 8p, he has been following this 5% curve since 11 months. So thats great! Although i have to admit im a bit sad the relactating didnt work out.. its not really needed now and although id love to nurse again - I have alot of health issues, and so its probably for the best that im not stressing my body out more than it requires.
    Mama to JerBear, the rough and tumble kid, 18 months.

    All done nursing, all done pumping. Raising a toddler with food aversions and doing my best to deal with three painful conditions!

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