Some good news. and some (for me) bad news.

I havent had ANY luck with relactating. and trust me its not for lack of trying. I feel like i have two extra appendages with this pump lol.


DS saw the pedi and he said I have nothing to worry about. Hes perfect! He is definetly small, but he is following the 5% curve perfectly. He does want to see him in December, just to ensure he doesnt drop again, but he said likely he is just going to be a small guy. Even though he was born at almost 8p, he has been following this 5% curve since 11 months. So thats great! Although i have to admit im a bit sad the relactating didnt work out.. its not really needed now and although id love to nurse again - I have alot of health issues, and so its probably for the best that im not stressing my body out more than it requires.