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Thread: Is my baby turning into a carrot?

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    Default Is my baby turning into a carrot?

    Ok, My baby will be 8 mths. on the 22nd and he LOVVVES his carrots, and sweet potatoes and peas. Actually, I think he just loves eating food in general. I'm not sure when it is good to have him stop eating because it seems that he'll just eat and eat. I always BF first. He's usually on each side from 5 to 10 min. (about 8 to 10 times a day). He then has at least one carrot steamed and mashed up OR a small sweet potato OR a whole avocado with a couple slices of banana mashed in. I give this to him at least twice a day and sometimes 3 times. He acts like he'd eat more and sometimes I give it to him, but then it seems like he throws up more. Is this too much? I guess my main concern is hoping that he's getting all the BM he needs and not filling up on solids. His old doctor had me start him on solids I think way too soon and so his desire for the solid food has increased to a greater amount, I think a little sooner than I was thinking would be best for him. Does anyone have any advice??

    I also would like for him to start feeding himself, but I'm not sure how to start that. I've tried cutting up the little steamed carrots and presenting them to him, but he doesn't seem to know what to do.

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    Default Re: Is my baby turning into a carrot?

    You know, it might be simplest to keep nursing before feeds like you've been doing. Then don't "feed" him, per se, just put the food down and let him play with it. He'll eat some eventually, and you can be comfortable knowing that he will eat what he wants and no more than that. Then offer to nurse him again afterward to "top him off.

    If you're feeding soft foods like avocados, steamed carrots, baked sweet potatoes, etc, you don't even need to cut them up small. Just cut them into french fry sized pieces and he can take bites. They'll be easier to hold. I think babies have a hard time eating really small foods, since once they've picked them up, there isn't enough sticking out of their hand for them to eat. They don't seem to understand to open up their hand to eat what's inside it until they are older.

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    Default Re: Is my baby turning into a carrot?

    ^ What she said

    My cousin's baby likes to eat from a spoon. When I have him I put food on a spoon and hand it to him. He has great aim, and then I know I am not over feeding him; when he is done he just starts playing with it.
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    Question Re: Is my baby turning into a carrot?

    Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it!! Wow! Feeding himself with a spoon. That's great! I actually think my babe might do that. I'll have to try it. If he doesn't and I have to continue to feed him myself, does anyone know how to tell when babies are done? I mean, he just continues to cry for it, but I get confused and think maybe he's just crying for me to stop feeding him, but then he'll always BF some more. He looks at the food and leans toward it and grunts... but then it seems if I've already fed him quite a bit that if I take him away from the food, he forgets about it. Is it normal for a baby to really act like they want the food and not really be hungry? Some people say that you're just supposed to keep feeding them until they show signs that they don't want it anymore. What are those signs?!?! Sorry to be so long, I just need some help. Thanks!!

    The other day I tried putting french fry size pieces of carrots out for him to feed himself. He was successful a couple of times, but for the most part frustrated. I ended up mashing them and feeding him with the spoon. Any suggestions???

    Maybe these should be separate posts... I have another question.
    How much solid food should an 8 month old be consuming in order for BM to stay the primary source of nutrition?

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