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Thread: Storage solutions needed..soon!

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    Default Storage solutions needed..soon!

    The frozen BM is runneth over this house! I've tried several different ways, but nothing really is working so far.

    We have a side by side fridge and freezer
    There are 2 slated shelves up top
    3 slatted "drawers" below

    Currently I've got it laying flat on the top shelf but we are running out of room again. It falls through the slats sometimes. Stacking it and restacking it is driving me insane (not to mention, probably not good to keep taking it out of the freezer). I wanted to try the bottom drawer, but it looks too small.

    We also have a top and bottom fridge/freezer in the garage where older BM is kept. Problem is that fridge isn't reliable. Sometimes it just decides it doesn't want to work and we've lost everything in it. Not really what I want to do with all my BM!

    So..those of you with a side by side..how do you store it?

    Oh and I've tried the gift bag w/ the slat in the bottom idea and we've run into a couple problems with it, so it's not for us.

    HELP and THANKS!!
    Mom to DS 4/7/09, born at 36 weeks

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    Default Re: Storage solutions needed..soon!

    We put a piece of cardboard on the slatted shelves so they don't have slats anymore.

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