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    Avery is 7 1/2 months old. We started solids- quite slowly- at a little before 6 months. Originally, we gave her a tbsp of rice cereal per sitting. We did this maybe 3 times over 5-7 days. Then, I bought some veggies. She had green beans, peas, sweet potatoes and squash. She would eat 1/3 to 1/2 of a jar per sitting, again not even once each day.

    At this point, I noticed that she would be poopy with every diaper change. BUT, the poop was strange... It was a very small amount, and kind of stuck to her butt cheeks. It was the kind of poop that would roll off the diaper and into the toilet. But never more than one little chunk. It was NOT hard or dry... It was more like, um, clay maybe?!? I tried pears and prunes to see if that would help- it didn't... She was terribly fussy (for her- which doesn't compare to the fussiness of some)!

    Anyway, we stopped solids for a week and just nursed. After that week, I gave her some prunes. She had a pretty good sized poop that was more like what I had been used to. And she was much happier. That was last Friday... So, starting Monday, we have done a little bit of solids again. Monday she had green beans. Tuesday she had oatmeal. Yesterday she had peaches. Last night, she had the same small, clay-like poop.

    Is this normal?? Come on, poop experts... I need your input!
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    Nolan has had the clay poop on and off since we started solids too. It never posed any problem for him. I'm pretty sure it is within the "normal" range!
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    What you’re explaining is normal poop. It's going to be less runny then you're used to because you're giving her more substance to eat versus just liquids.
    (Warning...when you give carrots her poop will change colors)
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    For us normal is like a slightly squishier playdoh. It rolls off the diaper but isn't hard for her to pass. When DD had the clay like poop you describe I started giving her prunes every other day and a 1/2 tsp of flax oil once a day and that seemed to regulate her. Now that she eats more she poops more and it for the most part is the right consistency without having to give prunes or flax (she's almost 1). It seemed like in the beginning she was taking in just enough to be constipating if that even makes sense.
    Oh and blueberries do rock!

    For the prunes, I started with 1/2 a stage one container and as she started to eat more worked up to 1 full container every other day. HTH!
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    My daughter at 6 months did the same so I backed off the amount of times I gave her baby foods each day. I mainly don't offer dinner or if I do I skip the lunch tasting. It seemed that carrots and peas made her poopy that way. Also there were a couple of days where she didn't poop at all. I did notice she would push, but no luck. The following day she tried it again and she fussed when pooping like she had a very hard time getting it out. I felt so bad as I think she's way to little for constipation so I stopped the carrots and peas. Do you think it may have to do with the absorbic acid in baby foods? Although I'd think it would lossen the stools more than lock her little bum. I use Earth's Best. I try to make my own, but sometimes I don't have the time. I just don't trust that they're actually tasting the real thing. My region doesn't have homemade baby brands like in California (I'm in Dallas, TX).

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    i would think the clay like poop is okay as long as she doesnt seem to have difficulty passing it IYKWIM
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