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Thread: Sleeping and Eating Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommyNixon
    I have major sleeping issues! Every night is a rough night. Some nights he wakes up every time I put him down, some nights he's up every hour or two, and he's 10 months old. I've been sleep deprived for 10 months! I think I'm going to get evicted soon; last night the super intendant banged on the floor at 3am because the baby was loud. Help please, I have a hard enough time getting through the night now, it will only be worse if I'm homeless.

    Have you considered things like his temperature and pj's? My son sleeps from 7pm and wakes between 7 or 8am the next day. Before he started doing that (around 9 weeks), he'd wake up crying but not really wanting to nurse...he's never been a big comfort nurser. I finally figured out that he was too cold. Once I put some thicker jammies on (we keep it like an igloo here), he started to sleep better. Also, we bought a "white noise maker". This has made all the difference in the world. Now when he wakes during his normal "sleep/wake" patterns, he doesn't wake completely and is able to put himself back to bed.

    When you LO does wake up, can you give him a minute or two to see if he'll go back to bed on his own? I'm not saying let him scream his guts out, that's killer, but maybe let him fuss for a few minutes when he wakes. Also, I had DH go in and comfort him/rock him back to sleep and he quickly got the message that its time to sleep. Lately I've been having to wake him up in the morning. I walk in and say, "good morning, good morning, good morning my sweet Shiloh" and he pops his head and up gives me the biggest smile you've ever seen.

    In the beginning (8 weeks) when we were trying to get him to sleep through the night, when he woke up and it was apparent that he was good and awake, I'd only feed him on one side until he finished. Burp, kiss, hug, and back in bed. Then I started to shorten the time that he nursed on that one side until he just stopped waking up. He still is gaining weight like a hoss (sp?), so I know he's getting what he needs during the day. He was 9.5 at birth and is 15.6 at 4 months.

    Today I nursed him at 7, 1030, 2, 4, 545, and he took 9ozs of EBM from DH at 645. Just some ideas...may not work for everyone, but we definitely have a happy and well rested baby...something we worked hard to achieve.
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    With my first child, he slept thru the night around 4 months-boy was I spoiled!!! My DD is a bit more than 6 months, and she's usually up twice a night!! So, I get the long term sleep deprivation!!! She will sleep for a 7-8 hour clip every few weeks, and I swear, that's what keeps me going.
    My MIL never BF either, and even though I wouldn't say that she was unsupportive, I wouldn't say she was overly supportive either. It's a very personal choice for a mother, and if you're okay with your BFeeding relationship, and don't mind the night wakings, then don't worry about what others think!!!

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    Your have got plenty of good advice to handle the "distraction portion".

    As for the MIL - easier said than done when it comes to totally dismiss her...
    If she didn't BF, dont take advice from her... do what you want and what works for you, period.

    However, if you still wanna be diplomatic about it, and (avoid a new kind of problem), you can say someting like:
    "yes, mil, thanks for the idea, I have thought about it. I HAVE DECIDED that I will try this and this for a while, and then I WILL see if that works FOR ME. So, hows the weather over there?"

    my MIL is a pediatric nurse and worked and new born section in hospital for over 10 yrs. Advice is all I gt all day long. But she could not BF either... and was pushing on my useing formula everytime something went wrong.

    Just repeat over and over that YOU will try this and will DO that. and even if you are unsure of the result look confident... and BE confident. YOU KNOW best.

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    Hi... it is so awesome to hear that you are exclusively breastfeeding...In todays world there seems to be a lot of people who have forgotten that formula is a poor imitation for breastmilk!!!!!!! The manufactures can't get it right and that is how people end up with babies with milk allergies... ever heard of a baby allergic to breastmilk? Doubt it!!!!! Anyways... the not sleeping through the night thing... FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!! Breastfed babies are not supposed to sleep through the night... breastmilk is one of the most digestable meals out there... that is why babies wake up more often for meals during the night. The protiens in breastmilk are specifically designed for easy digestability for the babies immature digestive tracts...Formula on the otherhand contains complex protiens that babies cannot easily digest and is often based on cows milk... Considering I/we are not trying to feed baby cows... I think breastmilk is the way go... There is also the element that babies at this age are not developed enough (nervous system) for sleeping though the night... That is why SIDS occurs... it is a failure of the nervous system to rejump-start itself. I sometimes love the fact that my DS does not sleep through the night... then I never have to wake up and wonder how he is doing... Okay I know I am a bit sick in that respect... but my intensely hated and despised sleep deprivation is a sign my son is healthy...

    the MIL.... well I personally also have a painful one that gives me an extra hard time about co-sleeping with my DS. My new tactic of choice is changing the subject when she is about to approach it again. I do not want to be rude, but there have also been moments when I have (passive-agressively) made a not so silent side-comment in retort to one of hers... I have also been really firm that this is how things run in MY house. I know we all want to be nice and polite...but sometimes firmness and conviction are the only ways to go!!!!! Another thing to think about with the not sleeping through the night is teething. My DS is also approaching 5 months and is teething, which painfully interrupts our nights...

    With the playing I have the same problem...a darkened quiet room with just him and I works well.. but I also have to hold his free hand otherwise he swings it around wildly and drives me nuts by hitting me in the other breast! I do not know what a nursing necklace is, but holding his hand works wonders for me... I also let him move it around a bit as well... but I am just more of a passive controller.

    I hope some of our ideas help you out...

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