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Thread: Traveling w/o Baby and maintaining supply

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    My son is currently 7.5 months old. He's been exclusively breastfeed or EBM through bottles so far. In 5 days I'm traveling oversea for work. We have almost enough EBM to cover my week long trip but will have to supplement some w/ formula. I'm okay with that. My main concern is maintaining my milk supply while traveling and whether my baby will reject my breasts once I return. To maintian a supply I'll be traveling w/ my handy Freestyle pump and will pump and dump on my trip. Any suggestions on how to make this week easier? Does anyone have any experience with extended absense from their baby? Any advice or words of comfort would be greatly appreciated!

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    I'm sure you'll be able to coach him back to the breast when you get back from your trip.
    Have a great trip.
    You might try and hand express too. Some moms find they can remove lots of milk that way.

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    i started traveling for work when my son was 3 1/2 months old. sometimes it would just be an overnight trip and other times it would be 10 days. i pumped till he was almost 2 years old and he never once had a problem coming back to the breast. he was pretty happy to have me back home just as your little one will be!

    i don't know where you're traveling to, but there are options if it kills you to pump and dump. i always bought a styrofoam cooler and dry ice (you're allowed about 5 pounds worth) and packed the milk. then i would check the cooler with my luggage. i wasn't going to throw away a week's worth of milk that i needed in the freezer for the future.

    good luck and try to enjoy those days away!

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    Good luck! It takes some commitment, but I'm sure you'll be fine if you keep it up. At this stage, your supply is well established, so even if you do drop a little in supply, your baby will nurse you back up in no time when you get home.

    One warning from personal experience - if you're still nursing at night DON'T give into temptation and suddenly sleep through the night or skimp on morning (or any other) pumping sessions. Both times I was away from baby for a few days I ended up getting very engorged from missed pumping sessions. In my case I was going on interviews, so it was very hard to find times to pump, but do what you can to budget in the pumping sessions you'll need to keep up and stick with them!

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    Thanks for everyone's responses! I definitely feel a bit more relaxed and calm about my trip. It's probably most likely due to first time jitters away from the LO.

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