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Thread: Help: How to manage milk -- heating and timing issues

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    Default Help: How to manage milk -- heating and timing issues

    Hi Mamas! I am not sure where else to post this question so here goes.

    We have a 3 month old daughter who has been EBF until this past week when I returned to work part-time. My husband watched the baby while I was gone today.

    In the freezer we had a bag of frozen milk that he took out of the freezer last night to thaw overnight in order to use today.

    In the fridge we had about 4 oz of milk I pumped late last night.

    I came home, put in the fridge the 5 oz I pumped in one session at work and told hubby that it was for tomorrow when I'll be gone for one feeding session.

    I then went out.

    Hubby used the newest breast milk vs the frozen.

    He cites having problems with heating the thawing milk fast enough when baby starts to cue her hunger.

    Does anyone have any tips for managing this issue...not only on how to handle my distress with hubby's waste of BM (now the frozen has been thawed too long to use tomorrow, right?) but also how to educate him on techniques for getting milk heated in time while a baby cues for feeding. He says it takes too long and the milk I've most recently pumped is easier to use b/c it heats faster.


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    Default Re: Help: How to manage milk -- heating and timing issues

    The toughest part for me in the beginning was figuring out how much ds would need while at the sitter. At night after work I place frozen milk bags in the fridge to thaw, or I will run it under or place in cold water to thaw.
    I pump 4-5 oz bottles at work and when I come home I unthaw 2 frozen bags and place 2 newly expressed bottles in the fridge (freezing the other 2 bottles to recycle supply). I place the frozen milk in different bottles so they are used first, in the event there is a left over freshly expressed bottle it can still be used within the next few days (since it can be stored in fridge for a few days).
    It only takes my husband about 5 mins to warm thawed milk. BM that is unthawed should be used within 24 hours. I would just unthaw in fridge, so hubby just has to warm it up.
    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Help: How to manage milk -- heating and timing issues

    One thing to do would be to leave as much thawed as you think you need, plus one bottle of fresh to use if it runs out. That's what I did with DH, because the fresh would keep.
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