I have an OALD and OS on my left side only. This is causing my son to have an aversion to this breast and some slightly green poops (definitely not the yellow seedy kind like before). I've read all about block feeding and one-side only feeding, but I'm worried that this won't work for me because I don't want my right side to have a decrease in production.

My lactation consultant suggested cabbage leaves, but only for a little bit. Does anyone have any suggestions for to help lower my supply on the left side only? Last night he only ate on the right at 11:30, the left for 6 minutes at 4:45 which had to have been all foremilk, and then the right at 8:45. By 8:45 my left side was SO engorged! I pumped off 3 oz of milk before feeding him at 11 something because I knew he wouldn't eat off of it with the forceful letdown. I know this is counterintuitive, but I had to leave him for a few hours and didn't want him to be hungry while I was gone.

Success stories of reducing one breast's supply welcome!