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Thread: BLS ? whole fruits or pieces?

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    Default BLS ? whole fruits or pieces?

    I would like to try BLS with LO, she's almost 6 months -- but looking at the links for BLS, it says to cut up food to baby-fist sizes, preferably something that has a "handle" so LO can grasp it. BUT then I see pics of 6 month olds chewing on pears! Do we not need to cut up fruits? Does the entire pear act as a "handle"? Do the fruits need to be cooked and then cut up? Just not sure. Also, many on here say to cut up food into long matchsticks, is this also "handle"-like? LOL sooo much stuff to learn!

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    Default Re: BLS ? whole fruits or pieces?

    I let my DD gnaw on whole apples (sometimes I had to scrape the skin away for her. All she could really do with them was scrape applesauce-like amounts off the surface with her tiny little teeth. I think she was a bit older though, maybe around 8-9 months.

    I would not have given her sticks of apple, I did give her sticks/strips of softer fruits, though. Banana, melon, avacado (does that count as a fruit?).
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    Default Re: BLS ? whole fruits or pieces?

    from the guidelines doc:

    There is no need to cut food into mouth-sized pieces. Indeed, this will make it difficult for a young baby to handle. A good guide to the size and shape needed is the size of the baby’s fist, with one important extra factor to bear in mind: Young babies cannot open their fist on purpose to release things. This means that they do best with food that is chip-shaped or has a built-in ‘handle’ (like the stalk of a piece of broccoli). They can then chew the bit that is sticking out of their fist and drop the rest later – usually while reaching for the next interesting looking piece. As their skills improve, less food will be dropped.
    Note that the author is British - so her "chip" is a chunky American "french-fry".

    We gave our DS naturally soft fruits - pears, bananas, etc. For things like pears sometimes we'd cut into slices for DS to pick up, sometimes we'd let him tackle the whole fruit. Really depends on the LO's interest.

    I don't think we ever cooked any fruit for DS.

    Veggies we steamed until soft enough that I could eat them without using my teeth (only my tongue & the roof of my mouth) but firm enough to be able to pick up. Things like cooked sweet potato are great - naturally very soft.
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