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Thread: supply anxiety

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    Default supply anxiety

    please tell me i'm not the only person who freaks out when they don't pump as much as they think they should.
    i'm starting back to work full time this week. i pump 3x a day. i've come to terms with the fact that i'm just not going to pump as much at the end of the day as i do in the morning. usually i get about 3-4 oz from each side during the first session and then the other sessions i get about half as much as i got in the previous one. so i go home with between 10 and 14 oz. ds is taking around 12 when i'm away, so i think i do pretty good. (he is 3 mo old)
    i know there's a lot of factors that affect supply and having a 10 oz day today doesn't mean i won't have a 14 oz day tomorrow. plus i have plenty of milk in the freezer to cover low days, but i still worry.
    its amazing how sometimes i feel so full and sometimes so empty. will i ever be able to get over the anxiety that theres not going to be enough milk??

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    Default Re: supply anxiety

    I completely understand! I had a big freezer stash, and I would always worry that I wouldn't pump enough for the next day. The worst is when I stare at the milk going into the container, trying to increase the quantity by force of will. That doesn't work!!

    Relaxing and drinking a big (most of 1 liter, usually) water usually helped. Somehow the big glass of water distracted me from worrying about how much milk I was producing.

    DS will be a year old soon, and I still get a twinge of anxiety over whether I am coming home with enough. But it is just a twinge. Hang in there, you are doing great!

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    Default Re: supply anxiety

    Join the ranks of worried working mothers who are consumed with thoughts about their supply! I have been pumping for almost 9 months and getting a few days of decreased supply nearly each month for at least the past 4 or so months and each time I worry. I am going through that right now, as a matter of fact. Yesterday I was able to pump 10 oz. Today I will be lucky to get 6. And it is completely normal to pump more in the morning than the afternoon. I don't understand it for sure but I think it has something to do with my menstrual cycle. Maybe ovulation? Who knows?

    So, I don't know ifyou will ever get over the anxiety--I haven't. But I try to remind myself of last month at least to temporarily relieve my anxiety!

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    Default Re: supply anxiety

    thanks for the encouragement!
    epbrown - i looked at haylee's webpage....she's beautiful! what color is her hair? it looks red, but hard to tell.

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