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Thread: Constipation with soilid

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    Default Constipation with soilid

    My baby is 6 months and we started solids a week ago. She loves them! We have done rice cereal, peached, pears, bananas, green beans, peas, and sweet potatoes. The only problem is my LO seems to be constipated. She hasnt produced a dirty diaper in a while and when she does it is pretty hard. What can we do? Is there any foods that will help with that? Any suggestions on other things i can do to help her? Thanks!

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    The rice cereal and the bananas are both pretty constipating. I would cut back on those and increase the peaches, pears, etc.

    I noticed that my son seemed constipated, but when the poop would come out, it was still soft, just thicker than what it used to be with just breastmilk. I think they learn. If the poop is hard, then you definitely want to cut back the solids and increase the nursing.
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