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    ok, so today is my first day at work and I'm pumping in lieu of feeding for the first time this morning (I have pumped after feeding to build a very small stash). I'm noticing that I'm pumping a bit more than the 3 oz bottle that I left for DD for her midmorning feeding. I think I'll end up with 4.5 oz. Now I've been going to a breastfeeding group and while there we have a scale that I can use to measure intake. The group also meets around this time of day.

    So does this mean I should have left her more? Am I just lucky and will get a little extra to store?

    I'm just worried that if i'm producing this much at this time that its been because she's eating it and I just didn't leave her that much.


    ETA: when i've pumped after a feeding to build my stash, its been after my our 6:30ish feeding and only that feeding, not any other, so I should have extra now from pumping for my stash.
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    so now i've been back to work and i'm getting about 10 oz. I feed DD at 6:30 or so in the morning and again at 5:30. I pump 4 oz around 9:30, and 3 oz each at around 12:30 and 3.

    does this sound normal? too low? diaper output is fine, she seems fine, I just wanted to get and idea if I was producing on the low end of things.


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    This sounds good to me.

    Here is a great like to determine how much expressed milk your lo will need while you are at work.

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