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Thread: add oil to baby food?

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    Question add oil to baby food?

    Hello Everyone,

    o.k. we are about to start solids at 8 months. I have been doing some reading. Some sources say that it would be beneficial to add small amounts of canola or flexseed oil to baby food b/c it's supposed to be healthy. Other sources strictly warn against the practice of adding any cold pressed oils until the baby is at least 1 year old. Does anyone understand the science behind either recommendation? What have others been doing?

    Thanks for your feedback!


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    We did not add oil to any food. However we didn't have any issues with weight gain. I do know that some mama's here who have been battling weight gain issues have indeed used oils in foods. As far as I understand, it's best to add the oil in the cooking stage of the food preparation. So maybe stir fry the broccoli instead of bake/steam it if you're trying to add good fats. Also, keep in mind that a medium avocado has up to 30 grams of fat and is the perfect for babies. You could always offer avocado daily if you were worried about baby not getting enough fat

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