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    Hello Everyone,

    My baby is now 8 months old I think we are already a little overdue for starting solids (yes, he shows all the signs). Anyway, I am interested in exploring Baby led solids. It's been mentioned in several threats. Does anyone know where I can find more infomration on the topic? (I am lookiing for details... e.g. which foods are appropriate to start with, bite size for the recommended foods, etc). So far, I have only found an overview article, but nothing that really tells me how to go about it.

    Thanks for your suggestions!


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    Here is a resource you may find helpful: Baby Led Solids

    And you can still use the food chart from Wholesome Baby to help you decide which foods to start when

    Edited: Just wanted to add that Avocado and Sweet Potato are perfect first foods. Here's some nutritional info about Avocados and Sweet Potatoes
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    There are also some great threads in here about it. If you do a search for "BLS" or "Baby Led" in the solid foods forum you'll find a ton of great info!

    The general recommendation is to start with foods like avacado, banana, and sweet potato cut into long french fry shaped pieces.
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