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    Cool Burping

    How long do you burp a baby for? Meaning at what age or developmental time do you stop burping? i know i don't see older babies being burped, but i'm curious to know when that extra worry and time will end. My DS is very hard to get to burp.

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    sort of on this subject too...when do you expect a baby to stop spitting up? 11 m/o still spits up sometimes...very annoying, I'm ready to be done with that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmeyer7716
    My DS is very hard to get to burp.
    Have you tried the "jiggle technique?" I learned about it from another poster on this forum, although I can't remember which post it was. Basically, you hold the baby on one knee, lean him forward slightly, then jiggle him up and down on your knee. My DS was really hard to burp, too, and I can't believe how well this works!

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    Hmmm..I think dd stopped spitting up for the most part around 6 months but she still does occasionally. And I still burp her--out of habit mostly. After she gets done nursing she sits on my lap and I rub or pat her back until she burps. She almost always burps, but rarely spits up. She's almost 9 months old now.

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    Many breastfed babies don't need to burp because they don't swallow as much air as bottle fed. My ds actually burps himself and gives me this crazy look if I'm still trying to burp him and there is nothing left!
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    My little girl tends to gulp a lot of air when she is at the breast - I'm thinking her stuffy nose is causing her to take air in through her mouth while she is eating. It is very hard to burp her still! Sometimes it can take up to 8-10 minutes to get her to burp. She is a sleepy eater so the sitting-up burp position while jiggling her helps to keep her awake.

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    My DS has is burping himself now! I dont have to burp him anymore. Usually within a few min of a feeding he will let one out. He does not spit up much either. What a difference from my bottle fed niece.

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