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Thread: Hand pump for more than occasional pumping.. ?

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    Default Hand pump for more than occasional pumping.. ?

    I will be returning to work Sept - early Dec in a contract position, so I may end up working longer than that but for now it will just be Sept - Dec.

    I have been home with DD since birth so I've only used the Medela hand pump for occasional bottles. I do have the single electric attachment for my pump but I rarely use it because I was so used to "doing it myself" and I kept laughing whenever I tried.

    DD will be nearly 8 mos when I go back to work. Based on our schedule now, she would need 3 bottles while I was gone. I usually give her 3.5 oz bottles when I'm away and that seems to work. I have really good output when I pump (usually) but this seems like a lot of milk to pump each day! I'm wondering if my little pump can handle it! I'd def have to get used to the electric attachment because that's a lot of work by hand.

    I'd rather not spend the money to upgrade because it's a lot of money for a short period of time. Even if I end up working longer, DD will be 1 in Jan and at some point she'll start eating a lunch which will help with the caloric intake during the day and I could pump less at that point too.

    Anyone have any success pumping regularly with a "small" pump?
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    Default Re: Hand pump for more than occasional pumping.. ?

    I just this week finally wore out my hand pump (Avent Isis), and I pumped a lot with it after I returned to working PT with baby #2 and #3, like at least once a day to store up enough milk for the times I wouldn't be with the baby. That pump was almost 5 years old! So, if that pump works for you, IMHO, and you have the time to pump at work with a hand pump (or small electric), go for it. Besides, as you pointed out, very soon your LO will start decreasing intake of milk on her own or can be fed some solids in addition to or instead of a breastmilk meal while you are apart from her.

    I'm only thinking about an electric pump because I am pumping extra for a friend and I'm slightly tired of wearing out my hands to pump 2-3 times a day or I'd just replace the one I had, as we might be done having babies and baby L is just now starting some solids, so it's sorta silly to buy a $300 pump at this point.
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