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Thread: Didn't have enough milk...why??

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    Default Didn't have enough milk...why??

    Last night I went to nurse my 7 week old...I was later than normal b/c we were gone, so I expected to be very full, but I wasn't. After a few mins my lo pulled off and was CRYING, so I tried the other side and he nursed for a few mins and CRIED again. So I decided to give him a bottle (I had pumped earlier that day) and he ate happily. I then decided to pump to see if I had any milk (wasn't sure if that was the problem or not)....when I pumped nothing came out!

    I used to have over active supply, so I was surprised.

    I didn't eat as much yesterday (kind of forgot....was so busy), could this be why?

    My LO is also sleeping about 5-7 hrs at night now, so I don't know if my body is just producing less at night (although this was his before bed feeding - not middle of the night feeding)

    Sorry to ramble....looking for any suggestions

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    Default Re: Didn't have enough milk...why??

    It's pretty common for moms to notice a dip in supply in the evening hours. The mom is tired and stressed, the baby is tired and therefore not nursing as effectively as usual...

    Not being able to pump much in the evenings is not uncommon either. Remember that the baby is almost always better at getting milk out than the pump is, so don't judge your supply based on what you can pump.

    Regarding your prior oversupply, it's normal for that to correct itself as time goes on. Your body does figure out how to make only the right amount of milk, and not a lot of extra.

    Continue to nurse on demand and don't worry too much- especially about your diet. You don't need to have a perfect- or even an adequate!- diet in order to make plenty of milk. If you're at all concerned, go back to counting diapers. Good output = good input!

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