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Thread: Vitamins and sterilizing

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    Default Vitamins and sterilizing


    Just needed some advice, as I am getting conflicting information from different sources.

    1. I am breastfeeding, but read on the food standards website, www.eatwell.gov.uk the following:

    "Once your baby is over six months, you should start giving them vitamin drops containing vitamins A, C and D. However, if you are giving your baby infant formula, you don't need to start giving them vitamins until they are having less than 500ml of formula a day. This is because infant formula already contains added vitamins and minerals."

    I would like to continue breastfeeding once my baby is over 6 months. Does that mean I need to give him vitamin drops? I have seen vitamin drops for babies that contain 'peanut oil' and I am afraid to give these to him in case of an allergic reaction. My health visitor said if I am breast feeding then any vitamins I take myself, will be passed onto him. Is this true??

    I thought breastfeeding was best, and that no other vitamins were needed? When this website says that I don't need to give vitamins if baby has infant formula, it makes it sound like its better to go for formula than breast feed after 6 months!

    2. A less complicated question-Does all weaning equipment, eg bowls, spoons etc, need to be sterilized? Or will a run in the dishwasher, or washing by hand do?

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Vitamins and sterilizing

    1) vitamins - mom will pass on vitamins to LO as long as SHE is not deficient; the current recommendation in the US for Vit D supplements is based on statistics that many moms are themselves Vit D deficient. It should be pretty easy to get YOU tested for any deficiencies

    2) sterilizing - the only time I've ever done more than hand wash / dishwasher was when DS or one of us was sick
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    Default Re: Vitamins and sterilizing

    1. I take vitamins myself and plan on getting tested since DD is nearly 6mo

    2. Dishwasher is all I use (or hand wash if the item requires it)
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    Default Re: Vitamins and sterilizing

    My son has been on Poly-Vi-Sol vitamin drops since his first pediatrician's appointment even though I am taking vitamins also. I was told breast fed babies needed the vitamin D and as long as I was breast feeding, I needed to give him the drops. Now I'm wondering if my son is getting too much?

    I also wash all of my son's dishes/bottles in the top rack of the dishwasher.

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    Default Re: Vitamins and sterilizing

    1. I have always taken pre-natal vitamins while breastfeeding, and never gave any additional vitamins to my DD. She is not vitamin deficient (that I know of) and her pediatrician never recommended it, so I just didn't worry about it.

    2. I never "sterilized" any of my DD's cups/spoons/bowls when we began feeding solids. We ran them through the dishwasher, or if a particular item was not dishwasher-safe, we just washed them by hand in the kitchen sink with warm/hot soapy water.
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