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Thread: Dealing with the comments

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    I can't believe anyone would have the gall to make comments about such a personal decision! Seriously! I'm lucky to have supportive parents, ILs, and doctor, but I certainly don't give a rip what anyone else thinks about my deicsion to keep nursing DS past age 1.

    Someone here mentioned her mother didn't BF because of the lack of 'freedom' if she had done so...if you read What To Expect, the pros of BF and FF are discussed. Almost all of the BF pros are beneficial to the baby (PLUS benefits for mom like faster wt loss, etc.!) and ALL the pros of FF are beneficial to the MOM ONLY! And since when did having a baby mean you still got to be 'free'?

    Sorry, that turned into a total vent/rant!

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    Unfortunately we live in a bottle feeding society ( here in Ireland anyway!) and it's just not the 'norm' to bf! I think once you educate yourself ( and anyone else that will listen) that's half the battle! Ignorance is bliss in some peoples eyes but it shouldn't be when it comes to certain matters such as breastfeeding. - Sorry if my message is short as I've just been side tracked by LO's a couple of times! Take care and continue doing the great job you are doing!!!

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    I'm really sorry you are dealing with this.

    I'm very fortunate having a supporting family and DH. If I didn't, it wouldn't bother me much (I just wouldn't let them know ) but I see a huge problem with your DH not supporting you. I think I would make it VERY clear to him that I will keep BF and show him some research on EBF. Maybe he will change his mind?
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