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Thread: mini fridge?

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    My husband and I were planning on getting a minifridge for the baby's room. His brother told us it is not safe however to store breast milk in a mini fridge... Have you all heard anything about this? I have looked on the website but it just talks about the storage temps... I wouldn't trust the little freezer compartment on minifridges, but I would think the fridge part is safe...

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    Hmm what temperature is a mini fridge at? I would think it would be the same as a larger fridge right?

    Are you planning on exclusively pumping or is the babies room far away from your regular fridge?

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    I really don't know why it would be different. I agree about the freezer part...but the fridge????
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    We have a mini fridge (for Passover - to put our chametzdik food in so we don't have to eat matza more days than we need to). We also use it when our regular fridge overflows (after stockup-shopping, or when we make big meals for guests). I have noticed that regular food that I put in there doesn't keep as long or as well as the food I put in the regular fridge. I believe it's because a) the motor isn't as powerful as in a regular fridge and b) whenever the door is opened a greater percentage of the cold air escapes and has to be cooled back down. I also asked my sis, who had a mini-fridge in her dorm rom, and she said that cheese kept just over half as long as it does in a regular fridge.
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    Also, you really have to watch the freezer compartment. When it gets super iced, the rest of the fridge doesn't function as well, because all airflow down is blocked. Mini-fridges work on the assumption that that cooling the freezer portion to freezing will keep the rest of the fridge cold (at least, that's the way the ones I have seen work, from what I can tell). With that said, I am sure you could find some that don't have the freezer portion and if your goal is just to refridgerate the milk, simply keep a thermometer in the fridge for monitoring. Finally, not all mini's are created equal. I had to watch my dorm fridge and where I placed things, or I would wind up with frozen milk and eggs. So, I would also look for one that has a setting dial, not a one-size-fits-all running temp. If nothing else, now is the time to find some on sale, with the off to college crowd being catered to at Wal-mart and Best Buy.

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    i just brought a mini-fridge to work to store my day's pumped milk. My husband and I fired it up (it wasn't running at home) and ran it for 24 hours with a thermometer in it and adjusted the dial until we got the temperature we wanted. I intend to keep water in whatever space I'm not using for milk in order to help regulate the temperature when the door is opened. Also, I feel better that the milk will only be in there during the work day and will come home each night.

    Having said all that, I don't think that I'd be comfortable trying to store milk in there for a long time, but I would feel comfortable storing it in there for half the normal time recommended. They're just not as efficient and the cold loss when the door is opened is worse. Hope that helps.

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