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Thread: Baby is 5 weeks old and super fussy

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    Default Baby is 5 weeks old and super fussy

    Not sure if this is where I would ask but I figured it is a newborn question

    So I thought that by 6 weeks is when baby’s start to calm down a bit - NOT become possessed..

    My little angel was never fussy.. He would cry when he was hungry, sleepy or needed changing…For the last two nights he has been super fussy and crying from either 3am-8am or 5am to 7am. Sometimes he will wake up every hour or every half hour just crying. I can lay him on the crib, rock him in the glider, lay him on top of me or put him between us and nothing consoles him. I also change his diaper and try to feed him. Nothing really soothes him. Sometimes he will drink milk but then half hour later he spit it all up because his tummy was already full.

    The witching hour starts at around 5pm where he starts up his fussy fuss (crying, does not want to sleep, does not want to eat) He starts nodding off but never fully sleeping and he gets on and off the breast (does not stay for a full feeding) then we give him a bath around 8 and he goes to bed then overnight the fussy baby is back.

    I don’t get it.. Am I doing somethign wrong. He was not like this.

    His diapers are the same, does not have a temperature or anythign that would raise any flags to take him to the doctor.

    Thanks ladies - any and all help would be appreciated.

    I thought it was a one night fluke, but last night was teh same. Today he was fussy earlier..
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    Default Re: Baby is 5 weeks old and super fussy

    My DD started teething @ 6 weeks, she is now 17 weeks and still has no teeth but the signs were all there and the Dr had me give her a little infant paracetamol which soothed her. Are there any other behaviours aside from the crying? Is he constipated? Drooling a lot? Does he have trouble latching/feeding? Is he feeding more than usual (growth spurt)? If he has hit a growth spurt it takes a few days for your milk to catch up. If he is spitting the milk back up it might not be because he is full but because he has reflux - is he pulling his legs up a lot while he cries? Could he be colicky? There are so many things it COULD be. I know how hard this is and frustrating

    my thoughts are with you mama

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    Default Re: Baby is 5 weeks old and super fussy

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*aaisrie View Post
    Is he constipated?
    Well he is breastfed and his poop is watery and loose.. can't be constipated right?

    Drooling a lot?
    Not more then normal

    Does he have trouble latching/feeding?

    No trouble latching but he does come off and on the breast a bit.

    Is he feeding more than usual (growth spurt)?

    Not more often but longer yes

    is he pulling his legs up a lot while he cries?


    Could he be colicky?

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    Default Re: Baby is 5 weeks old and super fussy

    Babies go through phases, yours just sounds like he is becoming aware of the world more and maybe a bit confused about it all. Keep loving , offering the breast, I wouldn't worry unless this continues for quite awhile. It sounds normal...even if it isn't fun!!

    Have you tried swaddling, the swing, wearing him? My son was only happy when I would wear him sometimes. He would fall asleep and be so peaceful then.

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    Default Re: Baby is 5 weeks old and super fussy

    this link about fussy babies might help...
    You can do it.

    There were many days I was in tears with my William he was very high needs.


    But as he got older he got much beter, and now hes the greatest big kid ever!

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    Default Re: Baby is 5 weeks old and super fussy

    Could he be going through a growth spurt?
    My son had one at almost 6 weeks and it was the worst one we had.
    Also, evening fussiness is common, as hard as it is to deal with. My son had the magical few hours of screaming up until he was 3 months and it just stopped.
    Hope you get it figured out, it would be nice if the babies came home with a manual wouldnt it?? I bet it will pass, the hard part is waiting it out.

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    Default Re: Baby is 5 weeks old and super fussy

    Mine as well started being fussy around 6 wks. We had a HM/FM issue. Make sure to watch for green stools. If that happens you could have the same problem. My LO is teething now at 3 1/2mo so it is possible that your LO could be as well. This to shall pass. Hang in there.

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