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    I work for a very large company in North Carolina. They are kind enough to provide a lacatation room for us to use and even supply several pumps for us to use also. My problem is that my manager recently came to me and told me that I am spending too much time pumping and not enough time working. I do spend about 45 minutes per day that I am there pumping. I pump 3 time in a 12 hour day. Is anyone familiar with what rights I have? Do you guys think I am spending excessive time pumping? All thoughts are appreciated.

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    I personally don't think that 3 15 minute breaks are excessive. I take 2 15 minute breaks & 1 hour for lunch (in an 8 hour day) and no one has a problem. Do you take a lunch break in addition to your breaks? I don't really know what the rules are so maybe someone else will offer some insight. Maybe you can see what HR thinks.
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    That is definitely not excessive. Most places allow 2 15 minute breaks in addition to a lunch break (and that's for an 8 hour day), so if you're not using part of your lunch break to pump you are only getting 1 extra 15 minute break. You might offer to work an extra 15 minutes at the beginning or end of the day or take that 15 minutes out of your lunch break as a compromise. They are required to give you the time to pump but they are not required to pay you for it.

    If it's a large company and bf friendly (which it sounds like they are) I'd probably go to HR before speaking with my boss again, just so you know exactly what the company expects.
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