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Thread: Baby Throwing up Normal?

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    When I feed my baby sometimes when I burp him he throws up a lot. But he acts like he is still hungry. Is this normal? Does this mean he is done or has had to much to eat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*kkzj View Post
    When I feed my baby sometimes when I burp him he throws up a lot. But he acts like he is still hungry. Is this normal? Does this mean he is done or has had to much to eat?
    What is a lot of throw up? anywhere from a tablespoon up to 2 oz can be considered normal spit-up.
    How old is your baby?
    Sometimes new babies spit up more than others because their system is still getting it all worked out. Thats my simple of way putting it. lol
    Anyhow, he might still be hungry and if he wants to nurse its okay to offer it again.

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    I have a 6 week old (first time mommy)that was spitting a lot (it seemed like a lot to me because I would fill one burt cloth) almost ever since my milk came in. It's not projectile, unless she burps at the same time she spits up, but I've done several things. I tried burping her more often, bf more often, pumping before bf (I have OALD/OS), holding her more upright,etc. At 2 wks. took her to pedi said it was acid reflux and gave us meds. It worked for the first day, then back to spitting up! One day,(maybe 2 wks. ago) I didn't have my regular breakfast of cereal w/soy milk for some reason, and she didn't spit up nearly as bad that day(it seemed like "normal" baby spit up). It finally dawned on me to keep a temporary journal of what I'm eating and record how I rate her spit up that day, and if I pumped (in case I ate something that increases her spit up, I'll through out that milk). I'm avoiding foods containing soy & soy products (which is almost everything) as a main ingredient and still pumping before bf if engorged...that has made a huge difference. If she started spitting up a lot again, I'd look at the ingredients of the foods I ate, and at least one food contained soy. It's going good so far.Now I can acutally tell when it is her acid reflux because she'll arch her back. My baby too would spit up then keep feeding for a while. She did gain weight so the pedi said the spitting up was not concerning and told me to keep feeding because babies know when they're hungry. Hope this helps some. Good luck!
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    What you describe sounds very normal. It does not necessarily indicate anything other than a very immature digestive system, and it isn't generally a result of overeating because breastfed babies can't really be overfed. The baby is in charge of the feeding, and as soon as he is full he stops sucking for food and starts sucking slowly for comfort. When that happens, the flow of milk slows to a tiny trickle, preventing overeating.

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    My 1st son (he is now 6 years old) would throw up/spit up alot right after I fed him as well. But with my son, it was projectile spit up and gushing right after feeding. It seemed like he could not keep anything down and was always hungry. When we took him to his doc, he suspected acid reflux and had some tests done at the hospital and it turned out to be GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). This is when their food/drink travels back from the baby's tummy to the esphagus. After it was diagnosed, the doctor was able to provide him with medication for the first year and it has dissappeared now.

    Now, this is my situation with my son, but it wont hurt to keep a good eye on it and measure how much ur baby is throwing up/spittin up. My doctor made me measure how much and that way we were able to know what to look for. Good luck and dont freak out, we as moms have to be very observant to every little thing our children do and goes on with them.

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    I just wanted to add that spitting up is very normal for babies. It's also probably not as much as it looks like. To set your mind at ease, take a tablespoon of water and pour it out onto a burp cloth, or your counter. It looks like a lot! I wouldn't worry unless baby is in obvious pain when spitting up.

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