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Thread: Help! Pumping Suddenly Hurts and Nipples are bleeding.

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    Exclamation Help! Pumping Suddenly Hurts and Nipples are bleeding.

    I've been pumping 3 times a day for the past 2 months with no issues. Now, for the past week, my nipples have been painfully sore, bleeding and there's broken blood vessels. I don't know what's happened. Do your nipples grow after pumping awhile? I thought maybe that's what happened, so I bought a bigger sized breastsheild yesterday, but I think it's too big, but I'm not sure. I don't want my milk supply to go down! Please help!!!

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    Default Re: Help! Pumping Suddenly Hurts and Nipples are bleeding.

    Welcome! I'm sorry that you're having such an awful time with pumping!

    Your nipples can grow after you've been nursing/pumping for a while. Getting a bigger breastshield should help if this is the source of your problems. When you pump, do your nipples rub against the sides of the collection tubes, or do they shoot in and out (as if the pump is loosing suction), or neither? If rubbing is a problem, lubricating your nipples with some olive oil before pumping may help reduce chafing.

    Overall, I think a trip to the lactation consultant (preferably one who is an IBCLC) is in order to rule out other causes for the cracking and bleeding, like thrush, bacterial infection, or even just a pump that is over-powerful.

    Hang in there! You're doing a great job!

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